"When people hear the terrible things that Jeffrey Dahmer has confessed to doing, a frequent reaction is to say, "He must be crazy." When people see Jeffrey Dahmer sitting quietly in court, neatly dressed and groomed, a common reaction is to say, "He's not crazy." Both opinions can be wrong. Many psychotic individuals do not appear strange or bizarre. They appear normal. They do not talk to themselves or appear dirty or unkempt. However, because a person performs gruesome and bizarre acts does not necessarily mean he is psychotic. For example, there are men who married and have good jobs. They are not serial killers. They do not hear voices or believe there is a conspiracy to kill them. However, the only way they can reach orgasm is to have a woman urinate or defecate on them. There are other men who are also not psychotic but can only have an orgasm if a woman, who is naked, except for wearing long black stockings, ties them up and whips them. Bizarre bedroom behavior does not make a person psychotic. I have not examined Jeffrey Dahmer nor have I read any report of a psychiatric examination. I do not know if Jeffrey Dahmer is psychotic. My point is that dismembering bodies, saving body parts, engaging in cannibalism, having sex with corpses or parts of corpses is very disturbed, bizarre behavior but does not, in itself, mean Dahmer is crazy..."

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